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Two Chinese tourists found dead in Chiang Mai hotel

Chiang Mai police are investigating the deaths of two Chinese tourists who were found in the same room at a five-star hotel on Chang Khlan Road in Chiang Mai's Muang district on Thursday.



Deputy superintendent Pol Lieutenant Paiboon Namthong said on Friday that the men died days apart. 

The first tourist was believed to have died in his bed two or three days before being found, and the second was believed to have died, seated in front of the toilet, about 10 hours before being discovered.

A police source said that the decomposed body of the first man - later identified as Qin Dianxiogm, 30 - had a rope ligature mark around his neck and was found in bed, covered from the neck down with a blanket. A 10-metre-long nylon rope was found nearby. 

The body of 29-year-old Sun Zhengbin was found hanging by the neck from the toilet door.

The bodies were discovered by a maid who detected a bad smell coming from the room that had a "do not disturb" sign on the door since June 4.

Police suspect the two friends might have had an argument and one strangled the other and, after sitting beside the body for days, decided to commit suicide.

Published : June 07, 2019

By : The Nation