Friday, July 23, 2021


Jordanian tourist’s lost credit card used

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A Jordanian tourist filed a report with police on Monday after noting that his credit cared had been used twice after he lost it in Chiang Mai.



Hani M Alabada, 37, told officers at the Muang Chiang Mai police station that he had lost his credit card while cycling downtown on Sunday and that it had been used twice.
It was first used to buy Bt600-worth of goods from a convenience store on Ratphakinai Road and an hour later was used as payment for a diamond ring worth Bt10,000.
He filed the complaint after being notified by SMS from his bank of the two purchases.
A staff member of the jewellery shop in a shopping mall said a Thai teenager had used the card, claiming it belonged to his father, who is a foreigner, so the shop accepted the card.
Police are hunting for the teen who appears on the shop’s security camera.

Published : June 17, 2019

By : The Nation