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Navy helps restore infrastructure on storm-wrecked Koh Chang island

The Royal Thai Navy Disaster Relief Centre (RTNDRC) Section 1 is now restoring infrastructure after rescuing tourists on Koh Chang after the island was declared an emergency zone due to severe flooding.

 Vice Admiral Banjob Poedang, Director of RTNDRC section 1

So far, a rescue shelter has been erected, and the navy is working on restoring infrastructure on the island, the section’s director, Vice Admiral Banjob Poedang, said on Wednesday. Tourists stuck on the island, along with two crew members on a broken-down ship were rescued on September 16.
Trat Governor Prasert Ruchathananon declared many areas of Koh Chang and Koh Chang Tai emergency zones in order to receive government help

Published : September 19, 2019

By : The Nation