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New measures sought to curb motorbike carnage

The Transport Ministry is exploring ways to help reduce motorcycle accidents, possibly including designated traffic lanes for motorbikes.

Deputy Minister Jirut Wisanjit said Minister Saksiam Chidchob on Tuesday established a committee on solutions and management in the knowledge that 74 per cent of annual road deaths on average involve motorcycles and that the World Health Organisation was concerned about Thailand’s ninth-place ranking in vehicular accident fatalities.
Subcommittees are being assigned to look into issues of transportation, infrastructure and law enforcement, after which the overview panel will organise an open hearing to gather the opinions of relevant agencies.
The subcommittees have been directed to examine seven possible approaches, Jirut said:
• Changing driver behaviour
• Separate licences for normal motorcycles and so-called “big bikes”
• Getting the Thai Motorcycle Enterprise Association and manufacturers to ensure their products meet international safety standard such as a combined braking system (CBS) for large bikes and an anti-lock braking system (ABS) on smaller ones
• The introduction of designated motorcycle lanes
• Separate speed limits for the different kinds of motorcycles in particular areas, and a ban on big bikes changing lanes
• Controls on commercial advertisements to prevent young drivers being encouraged to speed
• Improved medical responses to motorcycle accidents.

Published : September 25, 2019

By : The Nation