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Comptroller General’s Department warns of possible telephone scammer

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Wilawan Phayanoi, deputy director-general of the Comptroller General's Department announced on Tuesday (November 26) that her office has received several complaints about an unknown individual calling from a cell phone claiming to be an officer of the department and asking the recipients for bank account numbers, saying that the government will transfer Bt2,000 as one of schemes to help low income earners.

“The caller was reported as calling from mobile telephone number 082-9456-4808,” she said. “We have investigated the number and discovered that it is no longer in use, and has no connection with Comptroller General's Department or its personnel.”
“Currently the department has no campaign to give away money, therefore please do not give your account number or any personal information to unverified callers,” said Wilawan. “You can also check for information on department’s current campaigns on the official website: https://www.cgd.go.th or call (02) 2706400 during office hours.

Published : November 26, 2019