Friday, June 18, 2021


Government tightens rules for tattoists

The Royal Gazette published on Thursday (January 2) new regulations for skin tattooing and body piercing.



The Ministry of Public Health announced the Regulations for Skin Tattooing and Body Piercing BE 2562 (2019) signed by Deputy Public Health Minister Sathit Pitudecha.
According to the regulations, persons engaging in tattooing and piercing services must possess the following qualifications:
■ Be of sound health and not have any respiratory or repulsive skin diseases.
■ Have a doctor’s certificate showing the practitioner had passed an annual physical check-up and was free of monitored communication diseases, such as hepatitis-B, hepatitis-C and tuberculosis.
■ Have sound knowledge of anti-infection and waste management for skin tattooing and body piercing procedures.

This announcement does not cover the skin tattooing and body piercing procedures that are related to rituals or religions, and will take effect within 90 days after the announcement is posted in the Royal Gazette.
The Public Health Ministry also emphasised that local administration offices and related agencies should provide knowledge and necessary training to operators of skin tattooing and body piercing establishments in anti-infection and waste management practices.

Published : January 03, 2020