Sunday, July 25, 2021


Majority of people want facts on new coronavirus, removal of fake news: poll

More than three-fourths of Thai people were interested in measures to protect them from the new coronavirus, according to a Bangkok Poll.



The poll said 76.8 per cent sought protection, 48.9 per cent were interested in medical treatment and control of the virus and 43.2 per cent were interested in knowing the number of infected persons in Thailand.
The poll was organised by Bangkok University’s Research Centre, and surveyed 1,199 Thai people.
Some 42 per cent told researchers that they were moderately concerned, while 37.4 and 20.6 per cent told researchers that their concerns/fears were in the “middle” and “low/lowest levels”, respectively.
Regarding precautions they took, more than 70 per cent said they wore medical masks when they were in public spaces, while the others said they monitored news and were careful about going to crowded places.
Asked what measures they would like the government to take, 66.7 per cent advised them to tell people the facts of the virus, delete fake news and allow medical personnel to give people relevant information.
Some 53 per cent said the government should advise people on the proper procedure to prevent themselves from the virus.
Lastly, the poll informed that most people are quite confident in doctors’ skills to deal with this situation, while for 26.5 per cent it was in the “middle” level and 5.5. per cent had “low/lowest” level of confidence in them.

Published : February 09, 2020