Sat, December 04, 2021


Criteria clarified for selection of charter court judges

A new judge must be appointed within 60 days if the Senate disapproves a proposed candidate for Constitutional Court judge, after the Senate submits the verdict and reason to the Supreme Administrative Court, Prawit Boonthiam, spokesperson of the Administrative Court, said on Thursday (February 13).

He was quoting Section 12 of the Constitutional Court Organic Act BE 2561.
“February 11 marked the first day of 60 days after the Senate disapproved the appointment of Chungthong Opassiriwit as a Constitutional Court judge,” he added.
Chungthong was disapproved by the Senate by 53-139 votes on February 11, while four other candidates got approved by majority votes.
“The selection of a new candidate will follow the same criteria as before, that the candidate must have been in the position of Supreme Administrative Court judge at least five years, and that the candidate must be willing to accept the position,” he said. “If there is no candidate applying for the position, the Supreme Administrative Court will report back to the Senate that the position could not be filled due to lack of suitable candidate applies.
“Currently there are 14 Supreme Administrative Court judges who have been in the position for at least five years,” he said. “However, if no one voluntarily applies to be a new Constitutional Court judge candidate in Chungthong’s place, the Constitutional Court will proceed with eight judges in total, which should not be any problem since the Organic Law states that the court can proceed with at least seven judges.”

Published : February 14, 2020