Tuesday, September 21, 2021


Majority of people back shutdown of country to tackle Covid-19: poll

The majority of people in the country are in favour of shutting the country down in order to stop Covid-19 from spreading, a recent poll showed.



The NIDA Poll by the National Institute of Development Administration was conducted on March 18 and 19, with 1,257 respondents aged 18 and older.
According to the poll, 67.38 per cent of people agreed with the idea of a shutdown.
About 18.22 per cent quite agreed with the idea, saying high-risk countries have mostly shutdown and Thailand should also shut itself down, in order to prevent the virus spreading.
Some 5.5 per cent disagreed with the idea of a shutdown, as it would affect the economy, tourism and international relations. Some of them also said that the Covid-19 situation was not severe and doctors could control it.
Some 7.80 per cent said there must be a better way than shutting down. However, some of them specified that the government should close only crowded cities, and shut places with high density of population, such as entertainment venues and theatres.
Around 1 per cent had no opinion.
In addition, 33.26 per cent of respondents agreed with the idea of shutting down provinces, 20.92 per cent quite agreed, 19.89 quite disagreed, 24.18 per cent totally disagreed, and 1.75 per cent did not have an opinion.
Furthermore, 79 per cent of samples agreed to close bars and other entertainment venues nationwide, 14.08 per cent quite agreed, 3.82 quite disagreed, 2.23 per cent totally disagreed, and 0.87 per cent did not offer an opinion.

Published : March 21, 2020