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Smog at unhealthy levels as forest fires rage in Phayao

Forest fires have raised the level of particulate matter less than 2.5 (PM2.5) microns in Phayao province to unhealthy levels.

On Friday night (March 27), forest fires broke out in various areas, such as Ban Phrathat Khing Kaeng in Jun district and Dong Suwan subdistrict in Dok Kham Tai district.
Forest fires tend to spread in high valley regions about one to two kilometres away from the road and can be seen clearly at night.

Smog at unhealthy levels as forest fires rage in Phayao
Monks, novices, and villagers in Ban Phrathat Khing Kaeng, Jun district took forest fire extinguishers to fight the flames and prevent them from spreading to nearby forests, houses, and gardens.
On Saturday morning, various areas in Phayao province were blanketed by haze.
PM2.5 level measured 102 micrograms per cubic metre, PM10 was 126 micrograms per cubic metre, and the Air Quality Index value was 212 micrograms, which is considered a very unhealthy level.
People have been urged to take care of their health by wearing mask, while people at risk must avoid outdoor activities in areas with high air pollution and wear N95 masks.

Published : March 28, 2020

By : The Nation