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Songkran to be celebrated indoors

The Department of Cultural Promotion has suggested that Thais avoid public gatherings for Songkran and instead bathe the Buddha's idol at home to prevent the spread of Covid-19.



Songkran is usually remembered for celebrations involving the splashing of water in public places to cool down the heat but there is also an astrological aspect to the tradition.
During the Thai New Year celebration, a mythological goddess supposedly gives the weather forecast for harvest each year.
The goddess of 2020 is Koraka Devi, who wears an Indian cork, moonstone and bracelets. She holds a staff in her right hand and a blade in the left hand, drinks oil and travels with a tiger.
She is the fiercest Songkran goddess and her tiger symbolically suggests caution this year, as if people are riding a tiger.
The forecast for 2020 is not good for harvests since the weather is not auspicious and nine in 10 farms will suffer. Friday will be a rainy day and rains will hit the country 500 times, according to the forecast.
Meanwhile, Thursday will be a day of success, Sunday will be a day of power and Wednesday of obstacles. Astrologers read Tuesday as doomsday.
Culture Minister Ittipol Khunpluem suggested that this year Songkran should be celebrated indoors and all traditional rituals should be conducted at home due to the pandemic crisis.

Published : April 12, 2020

By : The Nation