Wed, December 08, 2021


Covid-19 restrictions slash fuel consumption in first quarter of year

Fuel consumption in the first three months of 2020 decreased by an average 7.5 per cent daily compared to the same period in 2019 due to Covid-19 crisis and the emergency decree, the Department of Energy Business director-general Nantika Thangsuphanich said.

Petrol consumption averaged 0.8 million litres per day, slumping by 21.8 per cent.
Gasohol use averaged 30.3 million litres per day, decreasing by 1.6 per cent while diesel use -- B7, B10, and B20 -- totalled 67.6 million litres per day, decreasing by 2.9 per cent.
Jet fuel use fell 17.4 per cent to 17.7 million litres per day, after most airlines suspended their services amid the Covid-19 crisis.
Liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) use fell by 11.7 per cent to 16 million kilograms per day, and
natural gas for vehicles (NGV) was around 4.8 million kilograms per day, down 17 per cent year on year, as more people are using diesel B20 instead of NGV, in line with the government’s policy.

Published : April 30, 2020