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Fierce Internet debate after Ubon Ratchathani family empties pantry meant for needy

A family in Ubon Ratchathani that “selfishly” emptied a shared pantry sparked a fiery conversation on the Internet about the real purpose of the food storage meant for needy families

Pictures of a father and three sons taking all of the pantry’s food and water near the Ubon museum were widely shared on the Internet on Sunday.
Netizens have been divided.
Half believed the pantry was made to share food so anyone could take anything from it, while people who stocked the storage should not have any regrets over the incident.
However, the other half felt that even though items in the pantry were free, the family should have had the common sense to know that during this hardship several other families also need supplies and what they did reflected only selfishness on their part.

Published : May 11, 2020

By : The Nation