Thu, May 26, 2022


Received excess cash from a malfunctioning Ranong ATM? Return the money immediately

Police warned people who received extra money from a malfunctioning Siam Commercial Bank ATM in Ranong province since June 13 to return the money or risk facing embezzlement charges.

“A Siam Commercial Bank ATM machine located on Tha Meuang Road in Ranong’s Meuang district had malfunctioned since Saturday and gave out 10 times the amount of money than withdrawers requested, that is, when a person withdrew Bt1,200, it gave out Bt12,000,” Royal Thai Police deputy spokesman Pol General Krisana Pattanacharoen said yesterday (June 14). “The bank had been notified of the error and has halted service at the machine, but records show that several people had used the ATM to withdraw money since Saturday.”
Krisana said that since the malfunction, there have been some people coming down to Ranong Police Station to return the extra money and signing reports to show their innocence. “The bank representatives have already taken back the money, but some of it is still missing,” he said.
“Those who received excessive sums and don’t return them may face a charge of embezzlement that the bank will soon file. The charge has a maximum punishment of three years imprisonment or a Bt60,000 fine, or both,” Krisana warned.
“The money can be returned to the bank directly or via Ranong Police Station. For more information, contact 0-7781-1473 or call centre 1599,” he added.

Published : June 15, 2020