Tuesday, September 21, 2021


Homosexual love stories just as popular on TV as ordinary dramas

Trends show that boy-loves-boy TV drama series are becoming more and more popular in Thailand, judging by their financial success and growing fan base.



More than 40 such shows were produced this year alone and viewed 600 million times via the “Line TV” platform.
These Thai productions have also become popular among viewers in China, Malaysia and Vietnam, many of whom fly to Thailand to catch sight of the actors. Also, the productions don’t just make money from advertisements, but also related events, such as those meet-and-greet affairs.
Kanop Supamanop, Line TV’s chief content business officer, said the boy-love-boy story can expand its audience base and is now consumed more and more people. The reasons behind this is better leading men, stronger story lines, related events, staying up to date with trends and maintaining strong fanclubs.
“Fans don’t stop when the show ends, but their engagement extends to the social media and continues growing,” he said.

Published : June 18, 2020