Tue, December 07, 2021


Disenchanted members quit small parties to set up new ones

Several members of small political parties have resigned, seeking to establish new ones to “better serve” the needs of people.

An Election Commission news source reported yesterday (June 22) that several members of small political parties have submitted their resignations and some have filed documents to establish new parties.
The parties that have seen their members walk out include the Thai People Justice Party, the Thai Forest Conservation Party, the Puea Chat Party and the Bhumphalang Kasettrakon Thai Party.
Thai People Justice Party member Sarot Iadkhao said he resigned and would establish a new party called Thai Areerat by next week.
“I felt my former party could not fulfill the needs of the people at the grass-roots level, so I left and have joined with people who have the same ideas to form a new party,” he said. “Members of Thai Areerat are all local candidates who know about the hardships experienced by people and aim to fix them. Most of us have been disappointed working with former parties that do not share our ideology.”
Thai Forest Conservation Party former member Phatharanukul Engchuan also quit to set up Thai Yang Yeun, which he will head.
“The reason I decided to establish a new party is that my policies were not supported by other members of the Thai Forest Conservation Party, which is not part of the government coalition,” he said. “This means the promises I had made to my voters were unlikely to be fulfilled if I had continued to stay on. Forming a new party is the only solution.”

Published : June 23, 2020