Thu, July 07, 2022


Online delivery added to list of controlled services

The Cabinet has designated online deliveries as a controlled service, after a rise in their use during the Covid-19 crisis.

Online deliveries were among 50 products and services on the updated “controlled” list, drawn up in line with a Commerce Ministry proposal, said deputy government spokesperson Ratchada Thanadirek on Tuesday (June 30). The Cabinet approved the addition of one new product and an update for two existing products on the list, she added.
She explained that cars had been removed from the list, but trucks and motorcycles remain controlled products.
Moreover, the listing of online delivery services was updated to cover related services such as Grab, Kerry, and Food Panda.
Ratchada said the update was proposed after delivery services became increasingly popular during the Covid-19 lockdown. A proposal to control delivery services via the Consumer Protection Board had also been made.
The new product added to the “controlled” list was distillers’ dry grains with solubles (DDGS).
Ratchada said that imports of DDGS are increasing, since it can be used as an ingredient in animal feed.
“In short, it can be used in place of maize or other products produced inside the country. Importation of DDGS would impact the domestic maize market if the product was not controlled,” she explained.
The Cabinet also approved the removal of two more items from the controlled list – fabric softener and store rental services.

Published : June 30, 2020