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Big jump in Thai labourers heading overseas for work

An increasing number of job seekers are travelling abroad to work as the Covid-19 situation in Thailand has eased.

Newly appointed Labour Minister Suchart Chomklin pointed out that workers going abroad will help reduce the unemployment problem at home, stimulate the economy, and bring money back into the country.

Thailand has not reported any domestic Covid-19 cases for almost three months.

In addition, the government has relaxed international travel measures, making it possible Thai workers to head overseas.
Department of Employment statistics showed 2,394 people travelling to work abroad from Suvarnabhumi Airport in July 2020, a big jump from June when only 585 people travelled for work.

"Many countries began to revive economic activities. The labour force is the most important factor of production in the business sector. Thai workers are needed in overseas labour markets due to their discipline and good skill. In addition, Thailand has good management of Covid-19 that is globally recognised. This increases the opportunity for Thai workers to work abroad, especially skilled and semi-skilled labour," Suchart said.

The plan to send Thai workers to work overseas after the Covid-19 situation between June and September 2020 targets 52,253 people to countries such as Taiwan (20,120 people), Japan (3,818), South Korea (6,421), Malaysia (2,448), Singapore (2,934), and Israel (2,840).

As of July 2020, there were 121,922 Thais still working in foreign countries, 91,541 in Asia and South Asia, the most being 59,375 in Taiwan, 24,312 in the Middle East (the most being in Israel, 21,916), 5,720 people in Europea and America -- 693 in Hungary alone -- and 349 in African countries.

Published : August 16, 2020

By : The Nation