Mon, January 24, 2022


Stunned family ponders reasons why boy, 11, hanged himself

The mother and grandmother of a boy, 11, who committed suicide on Friday (August 21) said they did not believe the boy was depressed or intended to take his life.

On Sunday (August 23), reporters visited the boy’s house in Udon Thani province and talked to his mother. The mother said the boy was too cheerful to commit suicide.
She added that her family had not done anything to slight the boy, and he showed no signs of being depressed or sad.
Before the boy decided to kill himself, he reportedly told his 5-year-old sister that no one loved him. The mother said that he might have felt neglected seeing other family members take care of his younger sister or brother more than him. The mother said that she had to work every day, so the limited time she could spend with him could have been another reason why her son felt neglected.
On Friday, the boy stood on an ice bucket and hanged himself with a towel in front of his sister. The sister then ran to inform both mother and grandmother who were working in their farm.
The grandmother said that the boy was in a normal state before the incident, and showed no sign of giving up his life.

Published : August 24, 2020