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Deputy minister checks up on progress of Rayong raw water storage project

Deputy Interior Minister Songsak Thongsri inspects the Thap Ma raw water storage pool project in Rayong province.

The Thap Ma raw water storage project in Rayong province, with a capacity of approximately 12 million cubic metres for consumption of the people during the dry season, is on course to be ready by the end of the year.
Deputy Minister of Interior, Songsak Thongsri, and his aides went to follow up on the progress of this project, which involves a systematic management of the reserve water source by pumping water from Rayong River and Thap Ma canal to the reserve pool.
Jirayut Rungsrithong, president and chief executive of Eastern Water Resources Development and Management Plc, said that the Thap Ma raw water pool development project is the original soil well development and additional ponds have been dug up to serve as a reservoir with a capacity of approximately 12 million cubic metres. The water is diverted from the Rayong River and Thap Khlong to this raw water reserve pool, which will manage water to be available for an additional 32-47 million cubic metres per year.
It also supports the expansion of both the consumer and industrial sectors in Rayong province. The project is expected to be completed by the end of 2020.
“This project has a water pumping station at Rayong River and Thap Ma Canal, with an average pumping rate of 250,000 to 400,000 cubic metres per day. It is another way to help reduce the impact from flooding problems in Rayong city, as the raw water collection pool will act as a monkey cheek project -- a flood control measure based on the vision of King Rama IX to receive floodwater in the rainy season. It is also used as a reserve water source for solving drought problems in the Rayong city area," said Jirayut.

Published : August 30, 2020

By : The Nation