Mon, September 27, 2021


Protest leader urges huge crowds for Oct 14 rally at Democracy Monument

The leader of the Free People group, Arnon Nampa, has asked people to join in large numbers the protest scheduled for October 14 at Bangkok’s Democracy Monument, saying it was not enough to only realise the problems facing the country.



On Saturday, the leader of the pro-democracy group posted on his Facebook page that officials have tried to confiscate books carrying his speeches. Also, those who recorded his speeches have been intimidated by officials.
“The trampled hope of old generations has been revived by the younger generations that has decide to fight the injustice,” he said.
Lawyer Arnon said he was not sure what would represent victory for his group. “Maybe it is the PM's resignation, or amendment of the Constitution,” he added.
Arnon also said that it was not enough to only realise the country’s problems; people must come out to fight for their cause.
He asked people to join the protest on October 14 in large numbers, adding a small gathering would hurt their interests but a large turnout could help end dictatorship in Thailand.

Published : October 03, 2020