Tuesday, September 21, 2021


Poll shows majority of people disagree with pro-democracy protesters' methods

A recent poll shows that the majority of respondents are not in agreement with how pro-democracy activists are conducting their protests.



The Super Poll Research Centre surveyed 1,216 people nationwide from September 25 to October 3 on unacceptable behaviour.

When asked what behaviour was unacceptable (multiple choice), 97.6 per cent of respondents mentioned inciting others; 96.1 per cent -- abusing institutions; 95.7 per cent -- repelling others; 94.1 per cent -- slandering others and 93.4 per cent -- using impolite words.

Separately, 97.4 per cent of respondents said the protesters' move to defy laws, destroy properties and threaten others was unacceptable, while 2.6 per cent said the protesters' move was acceptable.

Meanwhile, 89.9 per cent of respondents said news about political rallies would intensify the economic and Covid-19 crises, while 10.1 per cent said it would not intensify.

An overwhelming 89 per cent of respondents said they do not want protesters to threaten others or use violence, while 11.0 per cent wanted them to do so.

Lastly, 94.8 per cent of respondents were unsure when the protesters would use violence, while 5.2 per cent did not doubt the protesters' moves.

Published : October 04, 2020

By : The Nation