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TUESDAY, November 28, 2023

Man suspected of robbing bank in Bangkok at gunpoint in police custody

Man suspected of robbing bank in Bangkok at gunpoint in police custody
FRIDAY, November 13, 2020

Bangkok police are questioning a man who allegedly robbed Bt416,000 from a TMB Bank on Thursday.

Police from Kannayao station arrested the suspect, who had allegedly robbed cash from TMB Bank’s Thanommit branch on Ramindra Road in Bangkok’s Bang Khen district, official said.
The bank alerted police at 4pm when the male suspect, wearing a camouflage-pattern shirt, black pants and a black ski mask entered the bank and forced a teller at gunpoint to hand over Bt2 million in cash. The teller reportedly handed over to him an envelope of cash with Bt416,000 in it, after which the suspect left the bank. He reportedly turned right and walked to Watcharaphol Road.
“CCTV footage showed the suspect walk to Soi Prayoonthong on Watcharaphol Road, which is around 300 metres from the bank. He changed his clothes into a black jacket and black shorts and left the old clothes as well as the money envelope in the dumpster,” said the police. “The suspect was identified as Karn [last name withheld], aged 25 years, and we found part of the stolen money at his flat in a nearby area.”
Police said the robbery occurred near the bank’s closing time and there were only three customers at the branch. No injuries were reported after the robbery.
Police are interrogating the suspect and collecting fingerprints from the crime scene.