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Parents question police prevarication in case of their son's death in accident

Parents in Phetchaburi province have demanded clarity about the accident that killed their 22-year-old son as the police had not provided them plausible evidence.



Rungkit Noi-nim and his wife Rerai Noinim told reporters on Saturday that Sumet Noi-nim died in the accident on December 2.

Police told them that the motorcycle he was riding fell, but they said witnesses and rescuers provided them some information that indicated he was hit by another vehicle.

Sai-ngam Noinim, the victim’s aunt, then started an investigation by asking for some footage from security cameras of nearby locations which, she claimed, supported their belief.

The family then demanded an official investigation that would clarify the cause of death while the police did not rule out the possibility that Sumet might have been hit by another car.

Published : December 13, 2020

By : The Nation