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Samut Sakhon locals hinder moves to set up Covid-19 field hospitals

Hundreds of locals showed up at the Thailand National Sports University Samut Sakhon campus at noon on Thursday to block efforts to turn the campus into a field hospital for Covid-19 patients.

Their argument was that some 10,000 people live near the university, and there are many kindergartens and nurseries nearby as well as a child development centre. They said that placing Covid-19 patients in the middle of the community would be unsafe, especially if a patient escapes or enough care is not taken to keep them sequestered. They also pointed out that it would be almost impossible to deal with the situation, especially since there is a shortage of staff.

Instead, the villagers said, the infected people should be placed on fishing boats or near infection hotspots like the Talay Thai market.

“Samut Sakhon authorities should find a better solution than this,” a representative said.

As of Wednesday, 1,202 people had tested positive for novel coronavirus in Samut Sakhon and most of them are migrant workers.

Villagers continued with their stake out even after officials retreated for fear beds and patients may be smuggled in.

Residents also protested against plans to set up a field hospital near Pantai Norasingh Water Park, saying businesses around the area will be badly affected.

Published : December 24, 2020

By : The Nation