Wed, October 20, 2021


Amnesty condemns Trump for 'instigating' Capitol invasion

Amnesty International has condemned US President Donald Trump for instigating the violent storming of the Capitol building on Wednesday, calling it a “moment of reckoning for the United States”.

At least four people died as rioters invaded Congress in Washington, shortly after Trump held a rally nearby to protest results of the presidential election won by his Democrat rival Joe Biden.  
In his speech, subsequent audio recording and tweets, Trump continued to reject the US election results and incite his supporters – leading thousands to storm and breach the US Capitol, said the rights watchdog. 
“President Trump’s refusal to facilitate a peaceful transfer of power has put human rights, public safety and the rule of law at grave risk in the United States,” said Amnesty International USA’s executive director Bob Goodfellow.
“The president’s embrace of white supremacist groups and extremists has further fanned the flames of the chaos and violence we witnessed [on Wednesday],” said Goodfellow. He called on all US officials to respect and protect human rights, including the right to be free from violence, intimidation and racism.
“Across the world, we have witnessed the dire consequences of government officials who spread false information and incite racist or political violence to stay in power. The world is watching, and so are our more than 10 million supporters and members.”
Amnesty said Trump has repeatedly encouraged violence and disorder by his supporters. “These are not the actions of a leader, but an instigator. All public officials must condemn the president’s words,” said Goodfellow.

Published : January 07, 2021

By : The Nation