Mon, October 25, 2021


Woman working at karaoke joint first Covid-19 case in Roi Et

A 48-year-old woman has tested positive for Covid-19, the first case in Roi Et province after the latest outbreak of the disease in December.

Roi Et Governor Chayan Sirimas said on Monday that the woman works at a karaoke joint in the Sriracha district of Chonburi province.

“She had close contact with another patient from Chonburi province [her younger sister] who tested positive earlier on January 9. She then took a test on January 10 at Roi Et Hospital and found that she was also infected.

“Both patients have symptoms of coughing and sore throat with no fever,” he added.

Woman working at karaoke joint first Covid-19 case in Roi Et

The timeline and travel history of Roi Et’s first patient is as follows:

January 1: She, her sister and her sister’s husband travel from Chonburi’s Sriracha district to Roi Et’s Muang district in a personal car.

January 4-6: She visits a local market, wearing a face mask.

January 5: Her sister and husband return to Chonburi in their personal car.

January 7: She is informed by Sriracha public health office that she carries high risk as one of the customers at the karaoke joint where she works has tested positive for Covid-19. The woman is not tested on that day but her sister, who also works at the same place, takes a test at Chonburi Hospital on January 8.

January 9: Her sister is confirmed as infected.

January 10: Her sister’s husband also tests positive. The woman then takes a test and is found to be infected.

Sriracha public health office also reported that 10 co-workers from the karaoke joint had tested positive for Covid-19.

Nine family members were reported to have had close contact with the sisters. They have been tested and all were negative. Seven persons have had close contact with the husband. Three have already tested negative while four are awaiting results.

Published : January 12, 2021