Thu, October 28, 2021


Sa Kaeo’s Wang Nam Yen municipality has Bt20 million ready for vaccine

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Wang Nam Yen municipality in Sa Kaeo province aims to invest Bt20 million to purchase a Covid-19 vaccine for its residents.

Wang Nam Yen mayor Wanchai Nareerak said the vaccine would help the locals lead a normal life, and his municipality had readied Bt20 million for the purpose.

“I expect the government to agree to our project guaranteed by the law as this is an urgent issue caused by a fatal disease,” he added.

On Wednesday, Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha stated that local authorities are allowed to purchase vaccines by themselves.

“It is their right to do so, but the vaccines they purchase must pass a standard set by the Food and Drug Administration,” he added.

Published : January 13, 2021