Fri, December 03, 2021


New outbreak to slash Bt140bn off Thai trade, tourism: TMB Analytics

The new Covid-19 outbreak will wipe Bt140 billion off Thailand’s trade and tourism revenue, TMB Analytics forecast on Wednesday. Trade and tourism account for 22 per cent of Thai gross domestic product (GDP) and 6.9 million jobs.


TMB Analytics said the biggest economic fallout would be felt by the central and eastern red-zone provinces, where trade and tourism accounts for 23 per cent of GDP. It forecast the fresh outbreak, which began in mid-December, would cost these provinces Bt128 billion.


The top three worst impacted provinces would be Bangkok, which would lose Bt81.42 billion, Chonburi (Bt15.46 billion) and Phuket (Bt2.79 billion).


TMB Analytics suggested the government should issue remedial measures to support business operators including shops, restaurants and entertainment venues.


Published : January 13, 2021