Tue, October 26, 2021


Safety of Thai people most important for vaccination: PM

Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha has said he would not risk Thai lives by rushing to approve vaccines that have not been fully tested

.In a message on his Facebook page on Sunday, the PM refused to let Thais be guinea pigs.

The PM alluded to recent news about side-effects or adverse effects from Covid-19 vaccine in some foreign countries. He said Thailand must wait to hear opinions of experts on whether the symptoms were vaccine-related, or other factors, such as certain medical conditions, physical condition, or age, including whether the rate of side-effects is acceptable?

He said some countries wanted to start vaccination early, even before the efficacy and safety of the vaccine had been fully tested.

"I have an important policy -- to ensure that the vaccine is safe, so it can be used for Thai people," he said.

The National Vaccine Committee will advise and closely supervise the whole process, he said.

Success in curbing Covid-19 can be better achieved by cooperation and implementation of various measures, especially wearing a mask at all times, frequently washing hands, and social distancing. In addition, if you want the disease control to be effective, scan the QR Code "ThaiChana" every time you are in public, and using the app "MorChana" will be very good, he said.

Published : January 17, 2021

By : The Nation