Mon, October 25, 2021


DDC urges caution by make-up artists to prevent Covid-19 infection

The Department of Disease Control (DDC) said the Covid-19 situation in the country is stable, but there are worries about some groups.

Dr. Chawetsan Namwat, Medical Epidemiologist at Bureau of Epidemiology of the DDC, said make-up artists should exercise caution to reduce the risk of Covid-19 infection.

Most of the new cases were found through proactive search and screening in communities and establishments, he said.

The Ministry of Public Health has continuously accelerated the monitoring of intensive search and screening, he said.

In the case of Covid 19 infection among actors and journalists, if they are concerned about high-risk or low-risk contacts, the best prevention tool is to download a "MorChana" app that will help assess individual risk as high or low risk to facilitate investigation, disease prevention and control, he added.

The most important thing is that everyone takes self-protection measures, such as by social distancing, washing hands, wearing masks and having a bath when they return from their workplace to prevent the introduction of the virus to the people in the house. In particular, the elderly may be at risk of infection and even death, he said.

He urged make-up artists on TV station sets, who work in close contact with others, to protect themselves from Covid-19 by wearing a mask at all times. If possible, they should be provided a well-ventilated work area, they should frequently wash their hands and separate the make-up kit since outbreaks of conjunctivitis have been found from using devices together. Tools should be cleaned after every use.

“I suggest that if they are very close to each other, talking without wearing a mask, and staying in a closed facility for more than 15 minutes, they are a high-risk group," said Dr Chawetsan.

Published : January 24, 2021

By : The Nation