Fri, October 15, 2021


New cash handout can be used to cover public transport: DLT

The Department of Land Transport (DLT) announced on Tuesday that funds received under the “RaoChana” (We Win) scheme can be used to pay for public transport.

Jirut Wisanjit, DLT director general, said “RaoChana” stickers will be displayed on vehicles participating in the scheme.

He added that the scheme will be applied to all types of public transport, namely buses, taxis, motorbike taxis, vans, Skytrain, Metro and trains.

Under the “RaoChana” scheme, the self-employed, farmers and welfare cardholders whose savings do not exceed Bt500,000 will receive two monthly payments of Bt3,500 each via the Pao Tang smartphone app. This is part of the government’s bid to ease people’s financial burdens during the Covid-19 crisis.

Published : February 09, 2021