Mon, December 06, 2021


Govt to dump seven out-of-date laws

A Government House source said the Cabinet recently approved a draft to repeal some laws that are either not applicable any more or overlap other laws.

The Council of State proposed seven laws that can be repealed, namely:

1940 Royal Thai Police Regulation and Operation of Gold Mining

Inconsistent with the protection of rights and freedoms of persons prescribed in the Constitution, which specifies methods for land expropriation and does not allow the Agriculture and Cooperatives Ministry power over gold mining as in the past.

1941 Electricity Business Promotion Act

The Energy Regulatory Commission has been established to oversee the electricity industry.

1945 Act on procedures against persons disseminating news that spoils goodwill between Thailand and other allies

This is covered by the 2019 National Intelligence Act.

1948 Act on unreasonable government trade

This law has never been practised. The current Public Administration Act controls and examines government procurement projects.

2005 CD Product Act

Only one case has been tried under this law since its introduction. Now there is a legal mechanism controlling the movement and use of CD manufacturing machinery as well as related copyright law.

1936 Act on Training of Certain Children and 1958 Act on Training of Certain Children (No 2)

Other codes such as the Child Protection Law and laws related to youth and family can be used instead.

Published : February 15, 2021

By : The Nation