Mon, October 25, 2021


BMA braces for upcoming summer storm

The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) has told relevant agencies to monitor summer storms from March 2-4 after the Thailand Meteorological Department notified on Saturday that summer had arrived.

Bangkok Governor Aswin Kwanmuang issued orders to prepare for the summer storm after the weather department alerted on Saturday that Thailand would be under the storm's influence from Monday until March 4 due to the moderate high-pressure system from China over southern China, which will reach the Northeast of Thailand today. The lower North, Central, and East, including Bangkok and its vicinities, will be affected by the storm from March 2.

Aswin said that relevant officers were preparing to deal with the situation, especially the health bureau, which will promote knowledge and advice to people about summer healthcare particularly in the risk group, including young children, the elderly, people with congenital disease, and those who work under the sun.

The Drainage Bureau has prepared the drainage system to cope with the rain situation from the influence of the summer storm that may affect many Bangkok areas, including monitoring the rain situation and alerting people through various channels.

Published : March 01, 2021

By : The Nation