Mon, November 29, 2021


At home in the midst of humans

A visitor to the Khaoyai National Park had a pleasant surprise in store for him when he returned in the evening after an outing: a wild deer was sleeping peacefully in front of his tent.

The photo of the deer posted by Kachawoot Narerk on his Facebook page got 1,400 shares.

Photo Credit: Kachawoot Narerk

Kachawoot said that he likes to stay in isolation in the forest. However, he has never seen animals come and sleep close to human habitation like this, especially where hundreds of tents are lined up.

“She may have felt a sense of warmth and security. There were many people standing around, taking pictures of this deer, lying curled up and sleeping in peace. They have probably never seen a sight like this,” said Kachawoot.

Photo Credit: Kachawoot Narerk

Published : March 06, 2021

By : The Nation