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THURSDAY, October 06, 2022
Nearly half of high school students back political gatherings despite second Covid-19 wave: poll

Nearly half of high school students back political gatherings despite second Covid-19 wave: poll

SATURDAY, March 06, 2021

Some 46 per cent of students are moderately keen to be inoculated against Covid-19, according to a recent Siam University poll.

The Singha Siam poll by the Faculty of Political Science at Siam University on Saturday revealed the results of the survey on "The second wave of Covid-19 and politics 2021".

The survey conducted between February 2-20 polled 1,328 high school students under the age of 18 years in Bangkok, the metropolitan and central regions .

The survey results found that high school students' happiness about online learning at home was at a moderate level (42.5 per cent ), followed by quite happy (33.4 per cent), dissatisfaction (14.5 per cent) and satisfaction (9.6 per cent).

Regarding confidence in continuing education at the bachelor level during the second Covid-19 wave, the survey found that their confidence was at moderate level (53.9 per cent), followed by low level (27.1 per cent), high level (14.8 per cent) and not continuing education (4.2 per cent).

Regarding their future career plan if the Covid-19 epidemic in Thailand is not resolved, 37.5 per cent of students are interested in launching their own private businesses, 28.7 per cent want to be civil servants, 19.0 per cent intend to be self-employed, 4.2 per cent want to join state enterprises, 9.7 per cent are eyeing private companies and 0.9 per cent aim to become farmers.

Nearly half of the respondents -- 47.3 per cent -- were moderately satisfied with the government's management and measures during the second wave of Covid-19, 31 per cent regarded it as low level, 17.2 per cent were dissatisfied and 4.5 per cent were very satisfied.

Information on the epidemic was the most followed -- 35.3 per cent, followed by entertainment news (32.0 per cent), political news (19.6 per cent) and other news (13.0 per cent).

Confidence in participating in political gatherings amid the second Covid-19 wave was moderate (52.4 per cent), low (21.1 per cent), high (17.2 per cent) and not participating (9.3 per cent).

Almost half of the high school students surveyed agreed with political gatherings during the second Covid-19 wave in an online survey (Facebook, Twitter, Line, Instagram) with 48.5 per cent being moderately keen to take part, 33.1 per cent strongly agreeing, 14.2 per cent having low interest in participating and 4.2 per cent not participating.

If the government has imported a vaccine against Covid-19, 45.5 per cent of students expressed medium keenness to get vaccinated, 34.9 per cent were highly keen, 14.2 per cent had low level of interest and 5.4 per cent did not want to vaccinated.