Mon, October 25, 2021


Saraburi sanctuary replenishes water reserves for wild animals to cope with heat

Officials of Kaeng Khoi Wildlife Sanctuary in Champhakphaew subdistrict in Saraburi province have refilled water in cement ponds that they had constructed around the forest areas to make sure that wild animals have enough drinking water as the hot summer is approaching.



Department of National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation posted a video on Thursday on their Facebook page of monkeys drinking from one of these ponds, adding that the move should help prevent animals from seeking water sources outside the sanctuary, especially in farming areas of nearby communities, which might trigger a conflict between humans and animals.

“Hidden cameras reveal that these ponds have been visited by monkeys, deer and barking deer all day long,” added the department. “Each of these animals drinks an average of 5-10 litres of water per day, so officials must refill these ponds regularly.”

Published : March 12, 2021