Mon, December 06, 2021


Bangkok on alert for summer storm

The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA)’s Department of Drainage and Sewerage has dispatched officials to check the condition of drainage canals and tunnels as well as water pumping stations to prepare for the upcoming summer storm on March 21-22.

Bangkok on alert for summer storm

The Thailand Meteorological Department has forecast that a strong high pressure area from China will extend to cover upper Thailand, bringing summer storms, thunderstorms with gusty winds and hail to the Northeast, the North, the Central, including Bangkok and its vicinity, the East and the upper South regions.

“We are checking the condition of our facilities to make sure that they can drain rainwater in time during the storm,” said BMA permanent secretary Silapasuay Raweesaengsoon on Saturday.

“Officials have been sent to dredge up the canals and pick up floating weeds and trash in flood-prone areas as well as install water pumps to maximise the draining capacity.

Bangkok on alert for summer storm

“We have also trimmed the branches of large trees near public roads to prevent accidents that could happen due to strong winds knocking over tree branches,” she added. People can report hazardous trees to the nearest district office to get them trimmed. A fee will be charged for privately owned trees.

Bangkok on alert for summer storm

The BMA has also contacted owners of billboards to make sure that the structure can withstand gusty winds during the storm. Owners of billboards that are too old or damaged must fix them immediately or take them down for public safety, she said.

“We have coordinated with the Metropolitan Electricity Authority to prepare for power outages during the storm as well as provide backup power in case of emergency during the blackout,” said Silapasuay.

Bangkok on alert for summer storm

“People can monitor the weather conditions in Bangkok from the website or get latest updates from Facebook and Twitter @BKK_BEST, or download mobile application Bangkok Connect.”

Published : March 20, 2021