Thu, May 26, 2022


Bangkok link being investigated in new Covid-19 cases in Chiang Mai

Four new Covid-19 cases were found in Chiang Mai and three of them had visited entertainment venues in Bangkok, officials said.


On Monday, the communicable disease committee in Chiang Mai announced the four cases, as well as preventive measures to cope with Covid-19 in the province.


The first person had visited an entertainment venue in Bangkok’s Ratchadaphisek area on March 30, before returning to Chiang Mai on March 31. The man took Thai Vietjet Air – flight VZ2104 – at 5.30pm. He was found infected on April 4.


The second man is a friend of the first patient, and also had visited an entertainment venue in Bangkok’s Ratchadaphisek. This man returned to Chiang Mai with three other friends in a personal car. He was found infected on April 4.


The third patient had travelled in the same car with the second man. He lived with his girlfriend, after returning from Bangkok. He was found infected on April 5.


The communicable disease committee added that two other friends in the group of these three, who had also visited the entertainment venues in Bangkok, had not contracted Covid-19.


The last new case in Chiang Mai was a Chinese national, who had visited Nonthaburi province for seven days. This man flew to Chiang Mai from Don Mueang Airport in Bangkok on April 1, by Thai AirAsia flight FD4116 at 6.20pm.


He lived with his wife and had visited a BBQ restaurant in Chiang Mai’s Chang Phueak subdistrict on April 1.


On April 2, he had lunch at a restaurant located near Chiang Mai Airport, and dinner at Thip Net Market.


On April 3, he visited Central Festival Chiang Mai, Thip Net Market and Kadmanee Market.


On April 4, he had a meal at a restaurant, located near Chiang Mai Airport, and visited a private hospital for Covid-19 testing.


On April 5, he was confirmed as infected.


The committee said that the virus had not spread in Chiang Mai this time. However, entertainment venues and restaurants where liquor was served have been ordered to close before 11pm from April 6 to 30.


Published : April 06, 2021