Mon, November 29, 2021


Bangkok Special Prison rubbishes rumours on pro-democracy activist Parit's death

Social media was agog with rumours after a Facebook user, Ampapan Petsuwan, posted a message that student protest leader Parit Chiwarak aka Penguin had died in custody at the Bangkok Special Prison.

He wrote that prison staff had woken Penguin up in the middle of the night, bashed him up and forced him to eat, and Parit had succumbed to his injuries.

Bangkok Special Prison debunked the rumours on its Facebook page, stating there was no truth to it.

The prison said it has arranged nursing staff for inmates 24 hours a day.

On April 10, nursing staff had examined the condition of Penuin, 22, who was jailed for defamation or malice, and he was in good condition.

There is slight exhaustion and slightly dry lips. The itchy rash on the chest and back had improved and Parit was able to stand up, walk, sit up and perform daily activities. Parit still refuses to eat. He still receives intravenous infusion, according to the doctor's treatment plan. Vital signs, in general, are normal. His body temperature was 36.1 degrees Celsius, heart rate 52bpm, respiratory rate 18bpm, blood pressure 104/63 mmHg and weight 98.5 kg. The medical team is now monitoring the low sugar effect from fasting. A nurse has frequently checked on the symptoms.

Bangkok Special Prison reiterated that the prison's operations were strictly in accordance with the regulations and guidelines set by the Department of Corrections.

Published : April 11, 2021

By : The Nation