Sun, October 17, 2021


Shortage of beds delays hospitalisation for 600 Covid-19 patients in Bangkok

Some 600 Covid-19 patients in Bangkok are forced to stay in isolation at home due to shortage of beds in hospitals for treatment.

Dr Suksan Kittisupphakorn, director of Bangkok Medical Service Department, said on Monday that there were

“505 patients who had been waiting since earlier this month, and today 99 more people have been confirmed as infected after their second test,” he said.

“We expect to transport them to a field hospital within one or two days, as officials are adding more beds to field hospitals in the province and expect to treat an additional 2,926 patients.”

Prof Dr Chalerm Harnpanich, chairman of the Private Hospital Association, added that currently there were about 300 patients being treated for Covid-19 in all private hospitals in Bangkok.

“As the number of infections is still rising, private hospitals will add more beds and move patients who have shown no progressive symptoms to hospitels -- hotels converted into hospitals -- for patients whose condition is not serious,” he added.

On Monday Bangkok reported 293 new infections, driving accumulated cases in the province since April 1 to 3,615 patients, making it the province with the highest infections in the country, followed by Chiang Mai (2,250) and Chonburi (1,280).

Meanwhile, on Sunday 1,578 doses of vaccine were given in Bangkok, with 136,317 accumulated vaccination doses.

Published : April 20, 2021