Sat, October 16, 2021


Elderly woman infected with Covid-19 dies waiting for an ambulance in Bangkok

An elderly woman reportedly died while waiting for an ambulance to take her to a hospital from her house in Bangkok’s Bang Kho Laem district.

The news was reported by Drama-addict website through a video posted on their Facebook page on Thursday.

“There were three elderly women living in the house. All three had reportedly tested positive for Covid-19 and were waiting for an ambulance to take them to a hospital,” said the post.

“Due to high infections in Bangkok, most hospitals do not have beds available. Sadly, one woman died before an ambulance showed up.”

Drama-addict said that Thailand was facing Italy’s predicament of more elders having to stay home waiting for hospital beds to become available while some succumbed to the virus while waiting.

“As elderly people are at high risk of having severe symptoms, we need to increase medical professionals and ambulances to take them to hospitals for treatment as soon as possible, while those who have non-severe symptoms should be moved immediately to field hospitals or hospitels,” it said.

Hospitels are hotels that are converted into hospitals to treat patients whose symptoms have not progressed, in a bid to help alleviate crowdedness at general hospitals.

“If this trend persists without a solution being found, we will have more elders dying in their homes, while people suffering from other illnesses also will have trouble finding hospital beds,” Drama-addict warned.

Published : April 23, 2021