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‘This is a field hospital, not a motel’: woman complains about another patient

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A woman went online to complain about another female patient sleeping with her boyfriend in a field hospital in Chiang Mai despite zones clearly separating male and female patients there.

The woman voiced her complaint via the Facebook page of CM108.com on Wednesday.

According to a photo of the chat box published on the page, the complainer said she wanted CM108.com to voice “her rights” at the field hospital.

She explained that her rights were violated after a woman in her female zone at the field hospital allowed a boyfriend in so she could sleep with him. She also claimed that the boyfriend’s friend followed his mate into the female zone despite a clear separation of the zones for male and female patients.

The complainer added that when she informed hospital staff about this, they simply suggested that she move to another bed.

“This is a field hospital, not a motel,” she concluded.

Published : April 29, 2021

By : The Nation