Designer captures gleaming beauty of Siamese Fighting Fish for Miss Universe pageant

FRIDAY, MAY 14, 2021

The shimmering beauty of the Siamese Fighting Fish was captured in Miss Universe Thailand Amanda Chalisa Obdam’s national costume for the Miss Universe 2020 pageant on Friday. The event was held in Florida.

The costume, designed by Akarach Poosanaphong, was inspired by the Siamese Fighting Fish and Suvannamaccha, a mythical mermaid princess who appeared in the Ramakien.

In her Instagram post, Amanda said: “Not only is the Siamese Fighting Fish known for its vibrant array of colours of elongated pelvic fins, but also for its courageous nature. Moreover, it has appeared in Thai classical literature such as poetry and ancient documents centuries ago.

“Thailand’s national costume ‘Siamese Fighting Fish’ is particularly inspired by the unique tricolour fish named ‘Tri Rong’ [or three colours], which was successfully bred to resemble the colours of the Thai national flag – red, white and blue. With its uniqueness and scarcity, it became the most expensive fighting fish in history," the post read.


"Crystallised, gleaming, streaming fabric mimics the vivacious, feisty, graceful characteristics of this ‘Splendid Warrior’ fish, while elaborate accessories reflect traditional Thai art and cultural richness of Thailand."