Sun, December 05, 2021


Online news providers join forces to provide reliable information on Covid-19

The Society for Online News Providers (SONP) announced on Saturday that it has launched a new campaign called “Save Thai 2021”, aiming to use online news channels to provide complete, accurate and reliable information to the public during the pandemic.

The initiative will strive to minimise public confusion and misunderstanding, the SONP said.

Under the campaign, members of the SONP will set up a special page for all Covid-19 related news on their platforms. The page would contain:

1. Latest news and updates relating to Covid-19 from all sources;

2. Daily update of infections in Thailand and Asean as well as other key figures, such as inoculation rate, recovery rate, and death toll;

3. News and updates produced by joint editorial group comprising editors from members of the SONP.

Members of the SONP who will join this campaign are: Thairath Online, PPTV, Spring News, ThaiPBS, Delinews, Songkhla Focus, Siamrath, Mak Khaeng Online Udon Thani, TNN Online, AmarinTV, MGR Online, New Online, Thansetthakij, Issara News, MCOT, SMM Sport, Siam Sport, Matichon, Workpoint Today, Thai Post, Bright Today, Chiang Mai News and Bangkokbiznews.

The members will use their online websites as well as social media such as Facebook pages to maximise coverage.

The news and information will also be accessible via SONP’s website at

The SONP said that it hopes the “Save Thai 2021” campaign would help Thais overcome this crisis together with reliable information and content beneficial to the public.

Published : June 12, 2021