Wed, December 01, 2021


Increasing number of Covid patients in Bangkok infected with Delta variant

Covid-19 infections with Delta variant in Bangkok are increasing rapidly, surpassing cases with the Alpha variant, the Department of Medical Sciences revealed on Monday.

A total of 487 cases of the Delta variant were detected in Bangkok from June 28 to July 2, accounting for 52 per cent of the province’s total cases during that period.

Meanwhile, 447 cases are of the Alpha variant (47.8 per cent) and two cases are of the Beta variant (0.2 per cent).

“The two Beta patients are from the same family who had travelled from Narathiwat,” said the department’s director-general, Dr Supakit Sirilak.

The Delta variant of Covid-19 was first detected in India, while Alpha was first discovered in UK and Beta in South Africa.

Outside Bangkok, 1,011 cases of the Alpha variant were reported from June 28 to July 2, accounting for 77.6 per cent of total cases, 234 were Delta variant cases (18 per cent) and 57 cases (4.4 per cent) were Beta variant.

“At the regional level, the Delta variant cases are surging while Alpha and Beta are gradually decreasing,” he said. “Most of the Beta variant cases are from southern provinces, especially Narathiwat.”

From April 1 (the start of the new Covid-19 wave) to July 2, Thailand has recorded 9,209 cases of the Alpha variant (81.98 per cent), 1,838 cases with Delta variant (16.36 per cent), and 186 cases with Beta variant (1.66 per cent).

Published : July 06, 2021