Sat, November 27, 2021


Endless lockdown: Workers at sealed Bangkok camp face more suffering

The Nation Thailand on Tuesday visited a construction camp in Bangkok’s Soi Ramkhamhaeng 7 and listened to the workers’ views on government lockdown measures. The workers have been kept in quarantine at the camp since it was closed in May. They are living on social security money and food donated by locals.

A construction workers camp in Bangkok’s Soi Ramkhamhaeng 7 has been closed under Covid-19 restrictions since May. A total of 300 workers have been quarantined here. They normally get two meals per day, provided by their employer and the Labour Ministry. If they are lucky, they also receive food donated by locals.

Oraphan Honghoi, a caretaker at the camp, told us that the workers panicked when they first heard about the closure. Some of them escaped, but all of those now living here are resigned to their fate. However, it will be a nightmare for both employer and employees if this quarantine is not ended soon, she added.

However, the workers face more misery after tighter Covid-19 restrictions were imposed on Bangkok and other Dark Red provinces from today (July 20).

Published : July 21, 2021

By : The Nation