Mon, September 27, 2021


Kratom legalised from August 24

Cultivation and sale of kratom will be legal from August 24 (Tuesday), government spokesman Anucha Burapachaisri announced today.



The removal of kratom (Mitragyna speciosa) from the narcotics list will also see 1,038 inmates released from prison and their records wiped clean of kratom-related offences, Anucha said.

The move will reduce expenses in the government sector and save the judiciary

1.69 billion baht per year, he added.

A total of 22,076 kratom-related court cases were heard in the first half of this year, each costing an average of 76,612 baht, according to the National Development Research Institute (TDRI).

From August 24, people can plant and consume kratom according to traditional ways of life as well as buy or sell kratom leaves legally. However, it will still be against the law to mix kratom with other drugs. Meanwhile, permission from the government will be required to import or export kratom.

Published : August 19, 2021

By : The Nation