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Rayong beach comes alive with krill fishing

Rayong’s Suan Son Beach is bustling with fishermen catching krill, much to the excitement of tourists. Krill (Euphausiacea) has doubled in price from 2020 as its popularity increases. It is used to cook various types of delicious dishes, including high-quality shrimp paste.

On Tuesday at Suan Son Beach in Mueang Rayong’s Phe subdistrict, both professional and novice fishermen were seen gathering for a “krill siege” along the coast and even far out to sea.

Some fishermen happily brought along their friends and families to help catch the small crustaceans for cooking and making shrimp paste. Others hired a large group of workers with large nets to catch the small shrimp, bringing in more than 100 kilograms per catch. Meanwhile, excited tourists along the seaside captured the events.

Krill are classified as invertebrate small shrimp with no sharp scallops on the head. The body is clear white with black eyes and is approximately 1.5 centimetres long, with a thin, soft shell.

The creatures usually live in flocks near the sea surface and can be found in shin- or chest-deep water along the seashore or in mangrove forest canals.

Rayong beach comes alive with krill fishing Rayong beach comes alive with krill fishing

Suan Son fishermen told reporters that the krill season had arrived later than usual this year due to the monsoon. The season normally comes once a year – in August.

The price of krill has doubled to THB60-65 per kilogram.

Locals say shrimp paste made from krill is high quality, possess a good smell and can be stored for a long time.

Besides being used to make shrimp paste, the little crustaceans can also be used to make krill cakes, deep fried with batter, sautéed with salt, or for delectable omelettes.

Published : September 22, 2021