Mon, June 27, 2022


Beautiful stingray bring a bounty to Trang local

Stingrays with beautiful markings can be worth hundreds of thousands of baht, and during the Covid-19 fallout, this fish has come to the rescue of a Trang resident.

Jiraroj Deejutamanee said he had been breeding stingrays in his backyard for seven years now and usually sold them to breeders.

He specialises in three or four types of the freshwater variety such as the Ocellate river stingray, the Xingu river ray and a few hybrid versions.

Stingrays have unique markings, ranging from marble-like patterns to polka dots and the price for a small ray can range from 800 baht to several hundred thousand depending on the rarity of its markings.

There is a high demand for the fish in the US and in Europe, and the drop in supply has more than doubled its price. Also, suppliers from China, Indonesia and the Philippines have not been able to meet orders due to a stop in air transport.

Beautiful stingray bring a bounty to Trang local

Published : September 29, 2021